FG Wilson parts

For customers with FG Wilson generator sets, we guarantee the supply of FG Wilson Genuine Parts – designed to fit and complement the other component parts of your generator set.

Why we insist on genuine parts:

– Maximises the productive life of generator sets
– Promotes longevity of other component parts
– Improves operation efficiency and fuel consumption
– Ensures the highest standards of safety and functionality

Using non-genuine parts can increase the risk of generator set damage:

– Rapid wear
– Compromised performance
– Poor reliability
– Higher oil and fuel consumption
– Component damage and failure

We offer the full range of FG Wilson Genuine Parts. If you are having trouble sourcing the correct part, please contact our Parts Team on 0203 259 0100 or call in and visit our Parts Desk any time between 9.00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.